About Oasis Transportable Homes

We are not the same

All Room sizes are available and adjustable at Oasis

Steve & Anne Kingate are the only owners accountable that give you their after hours phone number.

You do not deal with salespeople you deal direct with the owners and get no broken promises

Contacting past clients is the only way of checking on a companies reputation this is available at Oasis

We welcome and invite you to inspect any of our homes under construction six days a week.

Only our exclusive 3D computer design system is available to design your home the way You want it.

We can display how your furniture will fit in your new home and adjust room sizes as required.

Oasis fully complies to the Solver recommendations of a 3 coat system on our standard series homes.

You will not have to replace your kitchen after 5 years as here they have a 10 year written guarantee.

Damage from a leaking shower is a thing of the past as we only use Easyclean showers.

Oasis are the only company that offer you the choice of Federation Stone or Hardiplank as standard.

We give you the choice of either Flat or Raked Cathedral ceilings at no extra charge.

A Three Bedroom home with ample power points can be 7 singles and 2 doubles it will cost you more

A Three bedroom home in our Standard luxury series has 17 doubles and one single you save around $600

Everything is available at Oasis from Ducted air conditioning to Carpets and Curtains we have it all.

Just turn the key and walk-in with one of our full service packages

And simply We do not charge you for written quotes as here they are free.




Below are questions you should ask your builder before you sign

If you are happy with the answers then get it in writing


1. Check to see if exactly what you see in the display home is what you are getting ?

Some display homes are fully optioned eg, kitchen. tiles. doors. skirting etc. and are extra.

2. Is the Home painted to the Paint Manufacturers specification or the Builders

Manufacturers specification guarantees the paint for approx 7 years, how long is the builders spec guaranteed for ?

3. The guarantee on the Kitchen Cupboards is it 10 years 3 months or ?

The longer the guarantee the better , request a written guarantee on the kitchen cupboards

4. Do you know what is included in your Electrical allowance

If ample is specified this may be insufficient, You should request the electrical layout and exactly what is included.

5. What is the maintenance period specified 3 or 12 months or ?

This varies between builders, be sure and find out when the maintenance period expires

6. Variations or quotes requested and declined have a $50 charge

This HIA contract clause is not enforced by all builders

7. All homes are sold at a nominated Windspeed

If your site exceeds the nominated windspeed you may have to pay a variation, be sure it covers.

8. How do I know if I will get Quality Workmanship

You should check all homes under construction in the builders yard or visit homes that have been constructed on site some will even provide you with a list of homes that have been delivered within the previous 6 mths

9. Are you getting what you Think ?

The only way to be sure is to make all of your selections before you sign

10. Can the Price increase after I have signed the Contract ?

Yes unless you have a fixed price contract, other than items requested and authorized by the client

( Make your selections before you sign as this is the only way you will know what your signing for )


* We will beat any written quote based on a genuine quote substituting an equivalent home from our 1000 plus layouts ( we reserve the right to determine genuine )


At Oasis we can arrange

1/ Finance

2/ Full Service connection packages:-

Plumbing. Electrical and Phone connections.

3/ Carports. Verandahs and Base infill.

4/ Air Conditioning

6/ Furnishings :-

Carpets. Curtains. Light Fittings. Ceiling Fans. Spa baths. Dishwashers. steps etc. etc.

Full service packs for bank loan requirements

To enable us to give you our undivided attention  please ring us and make an appointment
Visit us and your children can entertain themselves in our kids room